How To Sleep Better!

A Simple Guideline to Improve Sleep Quality!

    Before breaking the points and the things to do in order to reach a state where you are pleased with your sleep, it is crucial to understand the science and the purpose of sleep!

    Your brain and body need sleep in order to function in a good way. First of all, after a long day of multiple daily activities, which makes your brain accumulates metabolic wastes due to its normal neural activities. While being completely normal, too much accumulation of these wastes has been found to have a link to some neurological health issues.

     The solution to this problem is the Restoration. Indeed, sleep has been found to be the best way for our brains to get rid of metabolic waste according to scientific research. The system that allows our brains to remove those waste products is The Glymphatic System, its main role is to clean the trash in an easy and simple way. And during the hours of sleep, the brain cells shrink by 60 percent which helps the removal system do its job.

     Another very important purpose of better sleep is actually memory consolidation. Indeed, a good night’s sleep help strengthens your long-term memories and the capacity to maintain emotional memories as well as concrete memories which are facts and figures.

     Metabolic health is another area that benefits from getting enough and good sleep, Indeed, multiple studies have determined that when you snooze fewer hours than normal per night, a lower percentage of the energy our metabolism burns comes from fat, while a bit more comes from carbohydrate and protein. Which encourages our bodies to gain fat and lose muscle. Moreover, aberrant cycles of sleep or not enough sleep lead to insulin insensitivity and metabolic syndrome, which increases the risk of developing diabetes and heart illness.

     In conclusion, better sleep leads to better health, both mentally and physically. And this is the core subject of our article: How to Sleep Better?

how to sleep well

    To answer this question, we will go through the following sections:

How to Fall Asleep Fast?

     The first thing to do is to prepare your body and brain to “Power Off” and help it prepare the hormones it needs to go into the dream stage. To do that you have to create a “before bed” ritual that consists of lowering the use of computer screens, televisions, and phones, as the light from these devices can disturb the production of melatonin which can hinder the process of your body preparing the needed hormones to enter the sleep phase we mentioned before. Moreover, working until late hours in the night leads your mind to race and increase your stress levels which leads to a state where your body not being able to calm down for sleep.

     The second thing to do is to use relaxation techniques. Indeed, multiple research shows that at least 50 percent of people suffering from insomnia have emotional or stress issues. In order to sleep better you have to find ways to reduce stress levels, writing your thoughts daily, deep breathing exercises, practicing meditation, doing some sport daily are all ways to do just that. But if you wish to use a safe and healthy product to help you sleep instead, check this one, it’s worth the try.

How to Improve Sleep Quality and Duration?

     Intensity, Timing, & Duration. Those are the three most crucial nails you have to hit really hard if you desire to improve your sleep quality and boost your performance.

     Intensity is referring to how good your sleep is. The sleeping time you get in slow waves and Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (REM) are key factors that determine the quality of your sleep every night.

    Timing is referring to the time you go to bed. This is really important for you to improve the quality of your sleep, and its importance for two reasons. The first being actually to develop good sleep habits by going to sleep at the same time every night. The second being the moment you go to bed should and must be in accordance with your circadian rhythm.

     Duration is referring to how much sleep you get every night. How long does your sleep last each and every night?

     But how can you utilize these three factors in an effective way to sleep better?

     Regarding the first factor: Intensity, your body actually manages the intensity of your sleep cycle which is how long you spend in slow waves sleep and REM sleep for you. The adjustment is done automatically depending on your needs and how many hours of sleep you are getting each night. It is not much you can do, but it is recommended to develop smart light habits, eat healthily, and constantly exercise to help improve your intensity of sleep in an indirect way.

     What you can do though is to focus on the two other factors which are timing and duration.

    If you stop and think and analyze the three factors, the timing might be the most significant one. Indeed, as mentioned before, your sleep intensity is automatically managed by your body.  

    And how many hours of sleep you get depends on the time you actually go to bed each and every night and that assuming you wake up in the morning at the same time. Which leaves us to the task at hand: Getting to bed earlier. This is key to improving the quality and the duration of your sleep.

How to Fall Asleep Fast?

     Developing simple daily habits might be one of the most important techniques to be more efficient in any field. Think of these daily and simple habits as a superpower that has to be harnessed in order to sleep better.

     We will talk about five daily habits that you can utilize to reach your goal.

  • Sun exposure: Get outside, go for a walk, or jogging for at least 30 minutes each day.
  • Turn off the lights: Think of it this way, whenever it gets dark outside try to decrease your house’s lights and also decrease blue or full-spectrum lights in your surroundings.
  • Avoid coffee: Whenever you have trouble falling asleep, try to avoid caffeine. If you really are addicted to your cup of coffee in the morning though, make sure you don’t get any after noon, which gives caffeine more than enough time to wear off when sleep time comes.
  • Avoid cigarettes and tobacco: This is o secret, tobacco has long been linked to multiple health problems, and poor sleep is one of them. So stop smoking and chewing tobacco if you desire to improve your sleep.
  • Your bedroom should only be used for sleep and sex only: Bedrooms should always be designed with one crucial idea in your mind, which is promoting good sleep. An ideal environment for sleeping should be cool, quiet, and dark. Never design your bedroom to serve multiple purposes. No TVs, electronics, laptops, and clutter that might distract you from getting good sleep.

Natural Sleep Aids?

     Your quality of sleep can be improved naturally by exercising, controlling temperature, sound, and alcohol.

     Not many people, none perhaps, would say that exercising has too many benefits for your overall health. In regards to better sleep, if you practice any sports or do any physical activities, your metabolism would find it really easy to power down when it comes time for bed.

     Moreover, people that suffer from obesity can experience troublesome sleep patterns, and the older you become the more troubled those sleep patterns will become. As multiple studies revealed that fit middle-aged adults experience better sleep than their non-fit peers.

     Keep in mind one important thing though, never exercise close to bedtime (Two to three hours before going to sleep) because the physical and mental stimulation might leave your nervous system feeling excited which will make things harder as calming down at night would be very hard.

     Temperature and sound are two other natural aids for better sleep. Indeed, Controlling the temperature in your bedroom helps a lot, as most of us sleep better in a cool room. Studies revealed that 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 to 21 degrees Celsius is the ideal range in which a person sleeps better.

     And sleeping in a quiet area is crucial to have a good night’s sleep. That is why controlling the sounds in your surroundings and creating a space where peace and quiet are the themes is very important to have better sleep.

     Alcohol might a fast solution to fall asleep faster at night, yes. But it actually decreases the quality of your sleep and retards the REM cycle. Falling asleep faster with the help of alcohol is a proven way, but keep in mind that it is very likely you are going to wake up feeling tired. So it might best for you to try some different ways before depending on alcohol to help you sleep faster.

     Sleep is crucial to having a good and healthy life, and reach optimal performance. GET MORE SLEEP, that is the answer to how to sleep better.

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