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Home Remedy for Strep Throat!

What are some Strep Throat Home Remedies? Being a bacterial infection, Strep Throat is usually treated by Antibiotics. This type of medication that exists in several types suppresses the propagation of bacteria and other infections. But what if for some reason you don’t have time to go see a doctor?...

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Why do People with Down Syndrome Look the Same?

What is Down Syndrome? Individuals with Down Syndrome look the same and it’s a unique trait of this disability, indeed, all of the individuals suffering from this disease share similar facial features. Which makes it easy to recognize anyone dealing with this illness. All of us, at some point, have...

better sleep quality

How To Sleep Better!

A Simple Guideline to Improve Sleep Quality!     Before breaking the points and the things to do in order to reach a state where you are pleased with your sleep, it is crucial to understand the science and the purpose of sleep!     Your brain and body need sleep in...